David Bowie – an icon for a generation

R.I.P. David Bowie.

I discovered the sad news this morning just as I got out of bed thanks to a Sky News app alert.

I was so shocked, and immediately told my wife who was also upset, leading to both of us questioning if it was true, a quick check on Twitter and many people were saying the same…sadly we were wrong, and what we didn’t want to believe was actually true.

David Bowie was truly a cultural icon of the last 40 years. His style changed over the years, inspiring people of all beliefs, cultures and even sexualties at the time, giving people confidence and belief. He made ‘different’ okay, and made amazing records in each decade (in many styles) my favourite being Space Oddity.

I was a huge fan of Kurt Cobain when I was younger, and was absolutely devastated when he died in 1994. Kurt was an icon for angst-ridden misfits across the world, speaking to us through his music. I know how Bowie fans feel tonight.

Rest in peace, a true musical and cultural legend.

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