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Poem – Desperately

Here is my latest poem Desperately, which takes me back to the typical Christmas of my childhood.



As the knife and fork are placed down, Dad proclaims

“Well that’s it for another year!”

Mum desperately groans as she gathers the remnants and remains

Paper hats are mandatory and must not be removed


The inners of crackers are dusted around the table,

as the winners of the crackers inspect their combs and dancing fish


More plates have been used than we owned,

I wonder if mum and dad have hired them from somewhere

Mismatched but none chipped, almost perfect, these can’t be ours


“Another drink?” guests are asked, and interrogated if they say no

“Are you sure? Just have one more, don’t worry about the car”

abundant reassurance is offered as a side dish


I want to leave the table now that I have finished my second helpings, of my third dessert

I want to look at my presents, I have already forgotten what I had this morning

I want to eat my Chocolate Orange, my third today

I want to look at what was in my stocking again, handkerchiefs, socks and a walnut

I want to play my new game and show my Nan how it works

I want to listen to that new album

I want to eat more turkey

I want to eat my Chocolate Orange, my fourth today

I want to speak to my friends and see what they had

I want to watch, what I want to watch, on TV

I want to eat more turkey

I want to watch my uncle get more drunk as the day goes on

I want to watch my auntie insist my uncle is sober, as she castigates him with her green eyes

I want to eat more turkey

I want to play a board game, even if mum and dad don’t really want to

I want everyone to go home and leave me, mum and dad alone for the rest of the day


I want to return to that family Christmas, desperately.


(C) MJW 2017

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