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Review: On The Run II – Beyonce and Jay-Z kick off their tour in Cardiff

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Jay Z Beyonce

Beyonce and Jay-Z kicked off their On The Run II tour in the Principality Stadium, Cardiff on June 6th. I was fortunate to attend – here is a little rundown of an amazing night.

First up – this was no ordinary gig. This was a production of Hollywood proportions – a giant moving screen, a floating stage, flames, a serious lightshow, a live skycam (apparently the first time one has been used live at a concert) along with various fixed cameras which gave an amazing view to everyone in the stadium via the huge video screen, and some seriously powerful speakers (I still have the ringing in my ear)! Not to mention numerous glamorous costume changes (and that was just Jay-Z), dancers, live musicians and a lot more.

The event was kicked off by a lowkey local DJ who kicked out some well-known tunes from Fatman Scoop (BASS DROP!), Missy Elliott, Biggie and others.

Then it was time.

The gig was kicked off with Holy Grail: Queen B and Hova were lowered onto the stage on a platform (similar to a window cleaning platform on a skyscraper, with a bit more swagger) as flaming crosses were shown on the screen. This was the start of something special.

beyonce otr 2

The set list played like a greatest hits compilation from each artist. Songs and sections were interspersed with videos which told the story of their lives together. From meeting and falling in love, having a child, facing troubles (the well-documented alleged infidelity) and ultimately being ‘reborn’ together as one – love conquering all.


I won’t spoil any surprises but you will see some touching (never before seen) home video clips, box office standard cut scenes, passionate stances and speeches about race and gender equality, well-known crowd pleasing songs from each act, and a feel good ending.


My mind was blown by the effects and staging. I can’t imagine the costs for putting on a show of this proportion.

Jay-Z was excellent live. Whilst most were loyal Bey Hive members, I have no doubt that Jay won the crowd over with rousing renditions of 99 Problems, Big Pimpin’ and N’s in P.

The show ended in a way which showed the love between the power couple. I couldn’t recommend this show enough – if you even get the chance to see either of them live, do it.


otr 2

Did you attend the show or another Bey and Jay show on this tour? What did you think?

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