No spend weekend – Autumn Edition

Guest post by Megan Desmond

It’s late October, the trees are changing colour, the nights are drawing in and all you can hear is the sound of Christmas approaching. With just under 10 weeks to go until Christmas day, money can be a worry for many this time of year.

Many of us will now be preparing for the festive season, but how can we still enjoy our time with a strict budget or not spend anything at all?  What may seem impossible can be done.  Just one week until half term kicks in, how can we keep the kids entertained?

autumn no spend

There are many free things to do in Wales! Autumn is a beautiful time of year to wrap up warm and enjoy the changing beauty of nature. Its also the perfect time to snuggle up at home with those cosy clothes or PJs and make some hot chocolate.  Here are just a few ideas to keep you busy this weekend without the need of cash.

Autumn Scavenger hunt

There are plenty of items you could make a list to find and a prize can be as kept simple such as treat after dinner or choice of a movie that night.

Conker hunt

It’s the perfect time of year to go out and find conkers. You can also battle each other with them too.

Admire the scenery

The many colours of autumn are fascinating. There is so much beauty to be seen so why not talk a way around Roath Park, Bute park or other walks around Wales and admire the colourful views autumn shows us?

Leaf art

While on a wondrous walk around the autumn scenery why not collect a few leaves and make some leaf art with them? A bit of paint and you can create your own autumn art.

Cosy day in

Why not have a cosy day or night in? Make some hot chocolate, grab some snacks and get all cosy on the sofa, maybe watch some Halloween movies?

Board games

Bring out the fun competitiveness in you and have a quiet day or evening with some board games.


Feeling adventurous? Why not climb up the Sugarloaf, Pen-y-fan or if your feeling very brave, Snowdon! Fresh air and autumn scenery.

Fire and Marshmallows

Why not create a small fire and toast up some marshmallows. You could also tell scary stories, after all it is nearly Halloween.

free things to do

Christmas lists

That dreaded word, Christmas. As much as we try to bury our heads in the sand it is truly on its way! Why not save yourself the stress and hassle and get the kids or even family to say what they want or anything they need, it gives you ideas for Christmas and it saves them buying it.

Get ready for Winter

Get yourself ready for those cold mornings and chilly nights! Find that cosy warm duvet and fluffy socks ready for when you need them. Make a list of anything you need to be prepared for winter

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