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Festive party food ideas

Guest post by Peter Minkoff

Ahhh, all the decoration, the smells, the food, the parties…who can resist Christmas and New Year? So, if you’re finally ready to take on the role of a party organiser, don’t fret.

You don’t have to go all out with complicated dishes. Here are a few quick party food ideas that will wow your guests and not keep you in the kitchen the entire night.

Baked Camembert

Probably the easiest dip or spread you can bring out is perfect for Christmas: baked Camembert. Get a few boxes of this melty cheese (opt for the kind that comes in wooden containers), pop them in the oven for 10 minutes and voila! The easiest dip is ready to be enjoyed. Serve it with fresh baguette for dipping or opt for a crudité-feel with radishes, cornichons or new potatoes.

Crab dip

If you want to have a diverse food assortment, check out this next dip. This easy crab Rangoon dip will bring a bit of Asian flair to your party that will make it stand out in a big way. Serve it with wonton or pita chips and bring it out hot for your guests

If you want something heartier than a dip but still easy to make and practical to eat, get a shoulder of pork and slow-cook it. Before you pop it into your oven, rub it with salt, pepper and fennel seeds, and it’s ready to go. You can serve it with simple apple sauce and small bread buns.

Once your guests arrive, take out your hunk of pork, leave it out on a wooden board with your buns and sauce and let everyone just dig in. It’s really a perfect party food that will not cost you too much time or money but is a guaranteed success amongst guests!

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Seasoned stuffing pastry

Another savoury but easy to make and stuff into your mouth appetiser is this delicious puff pastry twist. Wrap your puff pastry around a mixture of traditional Christmas stuffing, sausage and cranberries and bake it until golden and flaky.

Cut it into pieces and let your guests dig in while hot. They’ll love the classic taste with a fresh delivery in the form of pastry!

Muddy buddies

To satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, prepare some good old muddy buddies. This snack is perfect for large parties since it’s so easy to grab and enjoy on the go. Plus, they look like little blocks of snow, which is adorably festive.

Made with cereals, peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar, they are also gluten-free and vegan, so everyone will be able to dig in.

Tasty Cocktails to wet your whistle

All those savoury treats will definitely make your guests thirsty, so surprise them with some festive cocktails. Christmas gin cocktails are all the rage in recent years, so jump on the hype train and prepare some fun mixtures like gin and cranberry concoction or a hot gin, fruit and spices punch.

You can find a ton of ideas and recipes here.

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Peanut butter pretzels

Another way to bring some sweetness to your party is with these adorable pretzel bites. Grab some pretzels and some peanut butter cups, make a sandwich (the butter cups go in between) and pop them into the oven until melted.  Decorate them with red, green and white frosting and you’re all set.

Organising a party doesn’t have to involve tons of stress and fuss. These festive recipes will not only delight your guests but will also give you enough time to actually enjoy yourself!

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